Ticketing Updates 19/20

We are pleased to be able to offer home matches for the 2019-20 season via the Arsenal Australia Supporters Club website.

If you wish to apply for tickets, you must have a valid membership and apply within the designated application window for that match:

Game Day *
 Opponent Comp  Category * Closing Date
Sun-27-Oct-19 Crystal Palace EPL B – $105 Fri-23-Aug-19
Sat-02-Nov-19 Wolves EPL C – $75 Fri-30-Aug-19
Sat-23-Nov-19 Southampton EPL B – $105 Wed-18-Sep-19
Tue-03-Dec-19 Brighton EPL B – $105 Fri-20-Sep-19

* Dates subject to change for TV – next releases on 6th August + 16th Sept
** Approx prices – may fluctuate due to exchange rate

Once you are a member you can log into the website and a ticket application link will appear, or click this link:


Applications to these matches will close at approximately 4pm (Eastern Standard Time). We will then formalise our application to Arsenal, await confirmation of tickets, and should inform Applicants within 7 days of the closing date above. AASC have no further access to tickets after this time.

Further games will be available on our website, as soon as Arsenal release details on the Supporters Club Portal.

Further information is available on the Ticketing Info and FAQ Page: