Ticketing 22/23

Arsenal International Supporters can now apply for tickets to matches at the Emirates again.
Matches will be loaded, as Arsenal provide details to us, and note games below are ordered as to when Arsenal will close the application window.

Matchday – @Home versus – Comp – Cat – Application Closing Date
Thu-16-Mar – Europa League – TBC

Arsenal have closed our application window to all other games this season.

Please refer to Ticketing FAQs if you are a non member and have any questions.
Ticketing FAQs

Note, it is your responsibility to check ground entry requirements, particularly in regards to Covid-19. More info available on the Arsenal website, which is subject to change
How to demonstrate COVID-19 status | Arsenal.com

Jan 2023 – Arsenal have warned that many international clubs will see a reduction in number of tickets available for rest of this season, as online pressure from silver members now means there is a total of 700 tickets to be shared across all supporters clubs.

FYI – there has been an huge demand for tickets for start of the coming 2022/23 season. We have worked hard on building a good relationship with Arsenal, and in the past we have received 47 tickets for a match vs Chelsea, but I just wanted to give all a heads up of the current applications for the first few games of the season:

Leicester 29 / received 29
Fulham 30 / 13
Aston Villa 23 / 23
Everton 17 / 17
PSV 4 / 4
Tottenham 53 / 29
Bodo 6 / 6
Liverpool 38 / 14
Zurich 13 / 13
West Ham 66 / 40
Newcastle 48 / 30
Man United 54 / 10
Brentford 15 / 4
Bournemouth 20 / 6
Man City 29 / 28
Bournemouth 12 / 6
Crystal Palace 22 / 5
Leeds United 33 / 19
Southampton 38 / 15
Chelsea 104 / 15
Brighton 110 / 15
Wolves 175 / ?

Where many members applied for many matches, am content when can at least offer tickets to everyone for at least 1 match per season.

Where Arsenal are unable to meet the Arsenal Australia demand for tickets, as described in the Ticketing FAQs:
• those who have not already been allocated tickets for that season
• verifying those who applied for multiple tickets are applicable for tickets for a family (max 2 adults)
• giving priority to those members with the longest continued membership status

The worse part of volunteering to help with ticketing, is getting the email from Arsenal when we don’t get all required tickets,
and knowing I have to send emails onto our members. So lets all hope we are successful in getting all tickets.